Keeping your Social Media Presence in Check

Every company needs to establish itself on social media today. Customers won’t remember you if they don’t see your brand name in their news feeds. What social media gives you is a place in the minds of your customers, whether they are actively shopping for anything or just looking.

So, let’s go over some pointers and social media methods you can implement using your Xfinity Internet connection that will help you establish your company as an industry leader.

Investigate Your Motivations for Using Social Media

You may be thinking, “Well, if everybody else is on it, then I must be too!” given that it seems like everyone, including their pet, is on social networking sites today. The question you need to be asking yourself, however, is, “Why am I here?” To what end am I doing this?

A good place to begin is by giving some thought to the kind of information you want to publish and setting some goals and expectations for yourself. Determine the path you want your platforms to take, establish SMART goals, and start collecting content. This will give you direction and prevent you from randomly spreading information.

Get the Word Out That You’re Active in the Social Media World

It might be challenging to build a user base from the beginning, but doing so is essential for any successful platform. You should let your customers know where to find you, even though some platforms allow you to invite your own friends to like your page.

You can let people know you’re active on social media by including your handles in email and print marketing materials. Connecting your social media accounts to your website is simple, and if you have a physical presence (like a store or a festival), a “Follow us!” sign can be displayed there as well. 

Check for New Versions and Algorithms Regularly

Facebook, as we all know, was the pioneer in using a wizard-like algorithm to determine what material to offer you by apparently reading your thoughts. Since algorithms are used by nearly all modern platforms, how to use them to your advantage can greatly improve your visibility.

For instance, Facebook prioritizes videos and photos over plain text because of how much attention they draw. If you want more people to view your status update, all you have to do is include an image. That’s why Facebook prioritizes sharing movies above sharing your aunt’s bizarre status updates.

The same holds true for chronological platforms like Twitter. If you want your tweet to become viral, you need to know when your target audience will be online and most likely to retweet it.

Establish a Posting Plan

Please don’t dismiss this as unimportant until you’ve heard us out. Planning ahead is essential if you want to maintain a good social media presence, which requires publishing frequently and on time. By planning out your content in advance, you can avoid duplicating efforts or missing a posting opportunity.

If you make a timetable, you’ll know when to post and what to post, and you won’t have to worry about coming up with content in the middle of the night. Instead, you can focus on operating your business. Important dates can be plotted, and you can evaluate the relative merits of various distribution channels.

Keep it Fresh

Be careful not to be known as the person who constantly shares the same link. We don’t want to watch it again since we’ve already seen it.

New, exciting content that stands out from the crowd is appreciated by audiences (and believe us, there is a lot of competition). Create content that is unique to you and your company in an effort to capture the attention of your target audience and encourage them to interact with you. If you’re stuck for words, a movie or well-crafted photo collage can help. Try new things, and don’t be scared.

Don’t spill the beans about anything, either. Think about the various options available to you if you want to reach the widest possible audience with an essential message. Maybe you conduct an interview and post it online, or you have a blog. Social media networks recognize the multiplicity of communication strategies available.

Use the Appropriate Mediums for Your Needs

As important as it is to give oneself goals, picking the correct platform is essential. It’s not a good idea to spread oneself too thin by trying to become popular on every available medium. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be more useful if you’re in the corporate world, but Instagram and Pinterest may be better if you’re an artist or photographer.

Facebook and Instagram, the two most popular social media sites in the world (Facebook has over one billion monthly users), should be your first points of attention if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options.


Having a strong presence on social media is a must for modern marketing success. Start by setting clear goals and choose your platforms wisely. Actively promote your brand, fine-tune your profiles, and stay on top of algorithm changes. Make sure to plan and mix up your content to genuinely engage your audience. Remember, staying consistent and injecting creativity are key ingredients. Put in the effort, and you’ll see your brand flourish.

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